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Better, not Bitter – VERO I AM

Better, not Bitter


I’m a true believer in what you put out will come to life, but I also understand that opinions shape our responses. When we aren’t secure in who we are, what “he” says or what “she” says can become so heavy that it weighs us down. We become offended faster because we can’t see ourselves as successful.

We then take those emotions and begin to blame ourselves for our current place in life. Some would label this as hate, but it’s the core of bitterness. It can start with a look or even constructive criticism taken the wrong way. Honestly, I’m not mad at what you said or what you did; I’m frustrated because this isn’t where I thought I would be. This isn’t where I imagined my dreams would sit still. It seems as if everyone is accomplishing their goals and nothing is happening for me. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with these feelings daily. I am inspired by the progress of my peers and discouraged by it at the same time. My goal lately has been to focus on what I want to accomplish. I’m learning to appreciate the success of others while encouraging myself to stay consistent. I’ve decided not to harbor on the things I can’t control and trust God to handle everything else. I’ve chosen to get better and not be bitter.



I’m killing this outfit with this free flowing look!! When I tell you it was just hanging on the rack and my mind went wild! As you know, I love getting creative even when something isn’t right! I was on a mission for floral for a bridal shower. I looked high and low, and there it was. This beautiful skirt was on JC Penny’s clearance rack. Can we say I scored big?! It was $89, but I got it for $12!!! I paired it with my favorite summer boohoo top, this new attitude and I were ready to kill!! Can I mention this curly pineapple wild look is growing on me!!

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