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Now that the stuffing of the face and loving on family have calm down I pray everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving! This year there was no getting dressed up to set in the sala (Living room). Instead, I chose a more comfy look – Cowboys tee and some jeans, but let’s get back to business! Before the black Friday madness started I headed out to the stores early! Let’s talk about this new beauty! I picked up this gorgeous Faux Fur while standing on line at forever 21. The color is one of my absolute favorites for the fall, its warm and comfortable. I love how I can turn any jacket into a new piece with this beautiful faux fur. I think it’s pretty cool because I could’t find a jacket with an adjustable Faux fur on it and now I can add this to any jacket wear it however I like.



I just received my fashion figure over the knee boots which I heard nothing but great reviews so I had to grab a pair and this couldn’t have happened at a better time! I bought all three colors and I must say it was a great choice! The boots are super comfortable and has a lot room to zip up my legs. They boots also have adjustable straps in the back which keeps them nice and secure. I Paired it with old jacket and T-shirt dress and I was on my way. I felt super chich but super warm.




Boots by Fashion to Figure | Faux Fur by Forever21 | T-shirt Dress by Boohoo | Leather Jacket by Ashley Stewart

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