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Our Mission

To inspire all woman to embrace themselves through beauty, fashion, and real life experiences.

About Me

Hey loves! My Name is Veronica and this is who I am: I used to be the woman who allowed my insecurities to define who I was. I used to be the woman who only saw my flaws. I used to be the woman who couldn’t see beyond the world’s standards of what beauty should look like. I used to be the woman who was afraid to be who God created me to be. The truth is, I used to be afraid to be me. And I’m sure some of you are, or have been, who I used to be. But today, I wear my confidence and now I see I AM everything they said I wouldn’t be and more, and I pray you too, will embrace the woman God has created you to be. I am here to share, I am here to learn, and I am here to inspire – I am here for you.


I had a vision to create a blog where I can share my passions and thoughts on so many things. I’ve created a space for all woman of all sizes, race, and age to become comfortable in their own skin by sharing my personal experiences. As this vision continues to unfold and my dreams expand, I have plans to take this mission to audiences around the world.