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Our Dream Baby Shower – VERO I AM
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Our Dream Baby Shower


When planning for my shower, I had such anxiety because I honestly wanted it to be perfect. I had this vision in my head, and I had no idea where to start. I met a fantastic woman, owner of Clo Decor. When I tell y’all, she was such a blessing and turned my dream into a reality! When I say, she turned my I dream into reality.

I had a few things that were super important for me to have. I wanted our guest to have a great time, so we created games an activities for everyone to get involved. When you walked in, there was a table with a few things to do! One of my favorites was the “Blessed Ring” where everyone hooked a prayer they baby luv, and another was “Advice for Mommy.” Y’all know I’ll need it!! From my pineapple centerpiece to my amazing desserts bar that my amazing sister put together I was floored by all the details! I felt walking in I was on my little cloud of heaven!
The day was such a blessing, surrounded by the most amazing women I get to call my tribe! From the moment I walked in, I felt this incredible love! Baby Luv is truly blessed to have his much support already!


Check out Clo Decor’s work – Here

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