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I Choose Me Project – VERO I AM
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I Choose Me Project


A few months ago I had the privilege to work side by side with some incredible women for the I Chose Me campaign. The beautiful and brilliant Bruna created an experience for women to embrace who we are as she captured it through her lens. What we got back wasn’t just a picture, it was confirmation. We are more than our hair, make-up, and looks, our beauty is skin deep, and our character will speak for us regardless of what the world says. It was pretty encouraging to see women come together for a common cause and not compete with one other to be the best in the room. We all are influencing people in different corners of the world, and you could see that power in our individual shots. However, when you put us together, we are one voice communicating the same message – unity!

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A few days ago I was on a mission to find a dress for a wedding. The bride gave us freedom to choose what we wanted to wear. I thought to myself this is perfect, but wedding colors immediately made this a challenge. I began to think outside the box. I met up when a designer to see if they could create the dress I had in mind. Unfortunately, this designer had the ordinary “big girl” safe dress in mind (everything loose). The designer then suggested creating something more flattering to my shape by saying”something tight, and mermaid style won’t be appropriate for you.” I stopped at that moment, and all these emotions came rolling in. I said thank you, and I kept it moving. To make a long story short with some faith and searching, I found the dress I was looking for! I was so excited to be able to prove to myself I can have a fitted, flattering dress. I almost cried and had a party in the in the fitting room!



At that moment I got taken back to the photoshoot where I stood in front of Bruna and felt strong, beautiful, and unstoppable! You too may be in a place where you are searching for ways to fit into someone’s definition of who you should be, but I challenge you to define who you are. You say what you can wear. You say how you feel and look at things. Stand tall in what you believe. You are beautiful in the skin you are in. Let the world learn of your beauty by choosing to be who God created you to be.



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