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    Mother: Breastfeeding


    While pregnant, one of the main questions asked was, are you going to nurse? I proudly said yes! Little did I know that this was going to be one of the hardest things I would ever do! Right after Reign was born, the nurse put him in my arms, and this unexplainable feeling came over me. I felt so empowered and stronger than ever before. This was a new bond that no one could interrupt, but it took seconds after to realize that with all of that came challenges. Shortly after the nurses came in and gave me a schedule… yes a schedule. My heart dropped knowing my body was now responsible for feeding this beautiful human. Fear came in remembering all the stories I have heard in the past with other mothers. Many told me that their milk never came in or it hurt too much, or the baby won’t latch. I put my fighting face on, and I promised myself I would do it until I couldn’t. Continue Reading →