Beautiful Scars of a Friendship

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When you say best friend you think of that one person you call when something big happens or when you just need to vent about situations in life that you can’t handle alone. Your best friend is the one person that knows everything about you and knowing that I have that is truly a blessing. I’ve been told that I’m lucky to have the relationship that I have with my best friend because its rare to have someone who is there for you. I agree, having her in my life is truly a blessing. What most people don’t see is the investment of tears, the fighting, the disappointments, and forgiving to get here.

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There came a time where we 1234slowly separated at the seams. It felt as if someone took my heart out of my chest. My best friend wasn’t in my life anymore. Naturally, I would pick up the phone to call her and hang up because I didn’t think she would answer. I tried to do things we use to do together and it just didn’t feel right. There were so many moments being created that I wanted to experience with her. I fought myself everyday to reach out to her, but I allowed my pride to anchor my emotions and blind my eyes to the fact that I really missed having my best friend here with me.

Some time passed, and were able to sit down and talk everything out. From that moment, we had a fresh start and began experiencing life together again. I stand in awe when I think about where we are now. You have no idea how proud I am of the woman you’ve become. You have overcome heartbreak, empty promises and somehow you’ve come out more empowered. Your career is blossoming and it’s so inspiring to see you step out on faith and carry out everything that you’ve dreamed of. We planted a seed over a year ago and today serves as proof that you’ve been watering your garden.

You told me “veronica you’re not behind me in this journey, you’re right beside me” and that encourages me everyday to pursue my dreams. Thank you for yelling at me to get back up and pushing me toward success. I’m proud of this friendship and its scars. We’ve become strong  because we’ve embraced our flaws. So as we stand together, side by side, I don’t see race, I don’t see size, I don’t see competition, I see a true example of a friendship that can conqueror anything because we believe in each other.

Hold to those friendships that are pure. Learn how to fight. Learn how to forgive. Learn how to move forward together and grow. Learn how to embrace each other for who you are. Be slow to talk and quick to listen. Support one another, be there for each other and you too, will overcome anything and have the beautiful scars of a friendship. THANK YOU DEZZ!


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